Emacs Lisp Koans

I’ve started elisp-koans, a guided tour of Emacs Lisp (elisp) through test-driven development. elisp-koans is adapted from Google’s Common Lisp Koans, which was in turn inspired by the family of TDD Koans, e.g. Ruby Koans and Python Koans.

How it works

You begin by cloning the koans, suites of tests which describe how Emacs Lisp and its libraries behave. The tests are initially broken, and fixing them walks you through Emacs Lisp as well as its testing framework (ERT).

Here’s the first test, which would be fixed by swapping ___ with t as described in the docstring:

   elisp-koans/asserts-true ()
   "`t' is true. Replace the blank with `t' to assert it is true"
   (should ___))

I’ll be adding additional suites as I learn elisp.

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