Reaper Reference

Reaper is an excellent digital audio workstation, but it’s often bafflingly complex. This page is a living reference of resoureces I’ve found useful for working with Reaper.


Megababy Sequencer

The MegaBaby sequencer that comes with Reaper is stupidly flexible.

Other resources:

Keyzone Classic Piano (VST)

The Keyzone Classic piano contains samples for five pianos:

  • Keyzone 1
  • Yamaha Grand Piano
  • Steinway Grand Piano this piano sounds deep and rich
  • Basic Electric Piano an atmospheric, slow attack organ-like feel
  • Rhodes Piano
Helm Synthesizer

Helm is a beautifully designed, cross-platform, open-source synthesizer. Importantly for synth novices like me, it comes with an enormous array of presets that lets you quickly try out new sounds. The audio produced is high quality, and can be tailored to the production.

One nitpick: the UI is large on my 13“ MBP. Expanding the plugin out of the plugin list view gives helm a bit more space to breathe.

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